Warning from Kobe, says knee is maybe 100 percent

At the end of last season, Kobe Bryant looked worn down.  He had been playing with a variety of injuries including a bad finger that bothered him for well over a season and an arthritic knee.  Then during the preseason he tore a ligament in his shooting wrist which he insists on playing through.

You would think he is breaking down, especially now in his 16th season in the NBA at the age of 33 and with all the miles he has put on his body between regular season and playoff games.

But the man knows how to take care of his body.  During the offseason, he went to Germany and had a procedure done on his bothersome right knee which has him feeling much better.

“It made a huge difference for me,” Bryant said before Thursday’s game against the Knicks.  “It’s about 95% better, if not to say 100.”

He looked incredible on the court as he tore up the Knicks with 28 points, hitting on 10-of-17 shots in the 99-82 victory.  Bryant has been spectacular during the first four games of the season, averaging 27.8 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.8 assists and shooting 48.1% from the field.

He is showing no signs of slowing down and looks much better than he has in the last few seasons.  And this is with a bad wrist that he admits affects his range of motion.

He has put the rest of league on alert: the Black Mamba is healthy and you better look out.