Morning Drills: Kevin Love wants deal, Kobe is hurting

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Morning Drills is a spin around the league with some newsy links.

Kevin Love and his agent Jeff Schwartz supposedly want an extension offer from the T-Wolves by January 15 or else he won’t re-sign with the team next summer.

Speaking of Love, Lamar Odom thinks he is the Bill Laimbeer of this generation.

Mike Brown thinks Kobe Bryant is hurting a lot.

DeMarcus Cousins says he did not demand a trade from the Kings.

Despite his issues, the Celtics have called Sacto about Cousins.

Others have also inquired about Cousins but the Kings say he’s not available.

The Clippers are searching for another big man and have the retired Antonio McDyess on their radar.

Josh Howard had a costly flagrantly foul over the holiday weekend.

The Spurs will be without Manu Ginobili for a while with a broken left hand.

Amare Stoudamire hopes to be back for the Knicks on Wednesday night.

Zach Randolph needs some time off for a swollen knee.

Josh Smith is playing through swelling in his knee for now.

Kris Humpries can barely move his shoulder and is having an MRI.