Kobe Bryant will not have procedure done on injured wrist

Kobe Bryant will fight through his injured wrist and keep playing. (Getty Images)

Over the summer, Kobe Bryant traveled to Germany to have an experimental procedure performed on his sore knee.  The Lakers star was hoping to go back sometime this season to have the same work done on his injured wrist but that won’t be happening according to the LA Times.

Bryant’s wrist issues are apparently here to stay. He will not undergo the same procedure on his wrist that he had on his knee and ankle in Germany last year, for a variety of reasons.

Of greatest importance, the German doctor whom Bryant trusts immensely, Peter Wehling, does not plan on coming to America to do his innovative “regenokine” or “orthokine” procedures that aim to reduce swelling, The Times has learned.

An overseas trip by Bryant looks out of the question because the only ample time for a German getaway is the All-Star break, and it’s a safe bet NBA Commissioner David Stern wants Bryant playing in Orlando that weekend instead of flying to Dusseldorf.

In the meantime, Kobe has said that he won’t stop playing and that means he won’t stop shooting either.   But that means getting injections before each game and even having to keep the wrist moving while sitting on the bench.

With those torn ligaments in his right wrist – an injury that should’ve required surgery and three months of rehabilitation – Bryant is forever one collision from serious seasonal consequences. When he fails to keep the wrist moving during a game, it will swell significantly. That’s why he’s always making that shooting motion with his wrist on the sidelines in down moments. His personal trainer, Tim Grover, says simply: “I’ve never seen anyone do what Kobe’s doing right now.”

It’s risky but Kobe has proven that he is like few other athletes, able to block out pain and still perform at a high level.  Still, he’s averaging nearly 28 points this season and it looks like he has his legs back.  But you never know when his injured wrist could but him on the sideline.