Doc Rivers admits that Celtics are Rajon Rondo’s team

Rajon Rondo is now the man in Boston. (Getty Images)

It was just a month ago when the rumors were swirling around the Boston Celtics once again that Rajon Rondo could be traded.  The team wanted someone a little less volatile behind the scenes like a Chris Paul who was also on the trade block.

Fast forward to now and no one is wondering if Rondo could be dealt from Boston.  In fact, coach Doc Rivers told A. Sherrod Blakely of that the team belongs to the point guard.

“This is his team right now,” said coach Doc Rivers ….  Rondo’s just playing terrific.  And we’ve got to allow him to be terrific. We shouldn’t get in his way.”

Even his teammates are admitting that Rondo is now the leader of the Celtics.

“Rajon is amazing, period,” said Kevin Garnett. “You talk about big things are coming; big things are here. Rajon is keeping us alive every night. We just have to make sure we follow his lead, and follow his effort, and we’re going to turn this thing around.”

Things have come a long way for Rondo in Boston where he has never escaped trade rumors, even after putting up big numbers last year.  While the “Big 3″ of Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are still good, they’re not what they once were.  But Rondo is hitting his prime, averaging almost 16 points and a league-leading 10 assists per game.

He has become one of the more difficult guys to guard in the league and makes everyone – especially the aging “Big 3″ – much better at this point in their careers.

Now, Boston can finally stop shopping him around and focus on building around their star point guard.