Dallas Mavericks Looking Anything Like NBA Champions So Far

Getty Images

There is something seriously wrong with the Dallas Mavericks right now.

Sure, the season is still very young but the defending champions are 0-2, both blowouts losses at home.  Losing to the Heat is one thing but it’s another to get ransacked by the Nuggets on their own court.

You name it, it’s going wrong right now for the Mavericks.  The offense isn’t clicking.  They’re not defending the rim like last season.  But that’s to be expected when you lose Tyson Chandler in the middle.

It’s just a mess right now and Dirk Nowitzki said as much to the Dallas Morning News.

“We look old and slow and out of shape — a bad combination,” said Dirk Nowitzki, who scored 20 points and sat out the entire fourth quarter for a second straight game, yet another indication of how bad things are going. “I still think this team has a lot of potential. But we have to turn the corner.”

That has to come with team chemistry and they need to find a way to come together.  Fast.

Lamar Odom is still looking a bit lost but once he picks up the offense, he should be a great addition.  Vince Carter is a wild card and anything positive you can get out of him should be a bonus.  Meanwhile, Brendan Haywood has got to do his best Chandler impression to help fortify the defense.

Coach Rick Carlisle is taking his share of the blame too and sounded very frustrated after the loss to the Nuggets on Monday night.

“I’m the head coach and it’s my job to make sure these guys are ready to play — and it’s clear that they’re not,” Carlisle said. “Right now, that’s something that’s not easy for me to say and it’s not easy to live with. I got a lot of work to do.”

The good thing is that’s it’s early and the Mavericks have time to work it out.  The bad news is that this is a shortened season and you don’t want to dig yourself too big of a hole to start out.