Curry surprised to be left off Olympics tryouts

Steph Curry wants to be able to tryout for the Olympic team. (Getty Images)

USA Basketball has released its list of 20 players that will compete for the 12 spots on the next Olympic squad.  And Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry was not included which left him surprised.

From Yahoo! Sports:

“It was a little disappointing knowing I was a part of that team two years ago and now I have to sit and watch,” Curry told Yahoo! Sports. “I got a letter from USA Basketball, a personal letter from Colangelo, just saying they went through the selection process and they would have some of the Redeem Team [2008 Olympics] guys back on there.”

Curry as well as Danny Granger of the Pacers were the only two players from the 2010 World Championship team that didn’t make the list.  Meanwhile, Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge were added and the only ones who were not on the 2008 Olympic and 2010 World Championship team.

While Curry has to be disappointed, it made sense to add more size to the club and keep him off the list.  It would have been very tough for him to make the team anyway with Derr