Bogut, Ellis involved in trade talks with multiple teams

Trade talks involving Bucks’ center Andrew Bogut and Warriors’ guard Monta Ellis have heated up over the past 24 days.

Houston, Washington and Golden State have talked with Milwaukee about acquiring Bogut according to Ken Berger of

The Rockets and Bucks have been talking about a deal that would send Samuel Dalembert and Courtney Lee to Milwaukee but those talks have apparently cooled.  The Rockets are now believed to be looking at another deal that does not involve Pau Gasol.

The Wizards would like to get their hands on Bogut but the Bucks have shot down discussions there.  You would have to believe that any talks between those teams would involve JaVale McGee.

A potential deal with the Warriors would be more complicated and would include the Orlando Magic.  The scenario would send Ellis to the Magic to play alongside Dwight Howard but it’s not known exactly what the Bucks and Warriors would get in return.  Hedo Turkoglu, Andris Biedrins and Stephen Jackson would be likely candidates to be involved in that trade.

Golden State has also been trying to speak with the LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls about a deal involving Ellis but those talks have gone gotten off the ground.