Bobcats get paid off to expedite Pistons rebuilding

The natural inclination to wonder why anyone would take Ben Gordon’s contract on overwhelms the senses in this Detroit-Charlotte swap, but it’s not all that awful. You’re going to hear about Michael Jordan adding to his Hall of Shame executive career with this move, and I’m not trying to tell you Joe Dumars didn’t get the better end of the deal.

Still, Rich Cho is no moron. Jordan isn’t running a charity. The Bobcats do get paid off eventually for moving Corey Maggette’s expiring deal, as that lottery-protected first-rounder .

Although there’s probably no pick coming in next year’s draft unless the Pistons overachieve and make the playoffs, they can start resembling a legitimate organization by the time Gordon’s contract comes off the books in the summer of 2014.

The protection of the pick at that point – Top 8 – is unlikely to come into play. At that point, with Gordon off the books and the Bobcats likely to be coming out of this disastrous low-point, they’ll finally be ready to become shakers. This pick will add to their flexibility.

Detroit, riding on the high of successive excellent selections in Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight, now has an opportunity to build a winner for the first tme. Charlie Villanueva’s awful deal remains, but the Pistons can actually look to fortify its roster with a second chance now granted.