Blatche is 13th Amnesty victim, cracks PBN All-Stars

Blatche is 13th Amnesty victim, cracks PBN All-Stars

The Amnesty axe fell on unmotivated Washington forward Andray Blatche, who adds a much-needed dose of youth to the NBA’s amnestied All-Stars, which PBN has taken the liberty of assembling.

Calls are out to Flip Saunders and Nate McMillan for the coaching vacancy, though Blatche’s inclusion likely means the ex-Wizards coach (just joined Twitter at @Flip_Saunders) will have no interest. 

Since he’s the 13th player to taste the Amnesty pill since the option again became available to teams in the new CBA, Blatche officially rounds out the squad.

At just 25, he’s the youngest player to be surrendered and arguably the only member of this little squad with significant upside. I recognize Wizards fans will likely laugh out loud at that comment.

Still, he’s likely to be disgruntled on this team, too, since Luis Scola and Elton Brand are ahead of him on the depth chart, undoubtedly the pillars of the group. Both were eagerly scooped up this past weekend in silent bids and will be key parts of their new teams.

Brendan Haywood and Darko Milicic are the centers, both cast aside as overpaid when Dallas and Minnesota chose new paths this offseason. At least Haywood got himself a ring. Contributed, too. Maybe he’d like to be vice captain.

There’s no vacancy at captain with Chauncey Billups steering the ship. The Knicks sacrificed him to lock up Tyson Chandler, but Billups looked far from done before tearing his left ACL on Feb. 6, averaging nearly 15 points and four assists playing next to Chris Paul. Considering Gilbert Arenas and Baron Davis are his backups, this Amnesty squad is going to seek a lot of mileage from the soon-to-be 36-year-old.

Brandon Roy, who retired due to knee trouble in a $68 million cut the Blazers had no choice but to make, returns this fall in Minnesota. Desperation forces the All-Stars to immediately thrust him into the lineup, platooning with recent Suns cut Josh Childress, who will be the lockdown defender of the group if his new employer in Greece doesn’t mind.

Brooklyn bust Travis Outlaw will be counted out to hold down the other wing, especially since it appears James Posey and Charlie Bell have played their last NBA games. Maybe one can be coaxed out of retirement.

Potential high-profile additions Toronto’s Jose Calderon and L.A.’s Metta World Peace were likely never in serious danger.

Late in the process, right at the deadline, Denver let go of Chris Andersen, while the Clippers set Ryan Gomes loose, finishing off our 15-man roster. Charlotte was pondering whether to use it on Matt Carroll or Gana Diop, but failed to.

Fittingly, the only team the flawed Amnesty All-Stars would have a chance against are the Bobcats, who would make things interesting with Mike Dunlap’s new high-pressure approach.


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