Timberwolves might actually be good, fun team


Yes, this is the knee-jerk reaction to seeing just one game.  But that one game left quite the impression on a lot of people after seeing the Timberwolves in their opener on Monday night.

Even though the team lost to the Thunder, they put up quite a fight before falling 104-100.  The new fit-and-trim Kevin Love had 22 points and 12 rebounds.  Michael Beasley scored 24 points.  And a certain someone from Spain named Ricky Rubio finally made his NBA debut and he dazzled with six assists off the bench and a new, exciting brand of basketball that has Minnesota fans excited.

And rightfully so.  Those people have languished in basketball hell with the teams they’ve have for the past decade or so.  Now, there is actually some hope in Minnesota.

“That’s a team that’s a contender and we took them down to the last minute,” Love said after the game. “The best thing is we gave ourselves a chance and if we play like that the rest of the season and continue to get better we’re going to win a lot of games.”

Add to the mix J.J. Barea and rookie Derrick Williams along with a good coach in Rick Adelman who has been around the block and the Wolves have the makings of a real team this season that can be fun to watch and actually win some games.